Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, Micron Refinishing provides consistent quality service, dependable communication and healthy cleaning.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Include?

A basic pack includes dusting, disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning and trash removal, but it is not limited to these services. Our expert cleaning team adjusts to a client’s environment and answers to all of the cleaning needs of the property. Whether your project requires high dusting, oil removing, tile and grout cleaning, power washing or grease cleaning, we have the means and qualification to answer to your needs.

Why Should You Invest in Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial Cleaning ServicesA clean work environment creates a positive image for employees, vendors and clients alike. Clean floors, surfaces, restrooms and common areas help create a safe and positive environment for you and your employees; while the dust, filth and germs don’t do anything but cause illnesses that might sap productivity. Hire a professional team to help you in the rush removal of any health and safety risks. We own advanced cleaning equipment and are up to date with industry protocols to provide you with the best warehouse cleaning services that money can buy.

By using the most efficient commercial cleaning technologies we are able to efficiently cleanse any and all conference rooms, office cubicles, locker rooms, labs, warehouses, loading docks, manufacturing facilities and a variety of flooring types at the highest of industrial cleaning companies’ standards.

Any good property maintenance program includes periodical sealing cleaning and concrete cleaning. While the amount of time that passes in between programs is dictated by the exposure conditions and the amount of traffic that the surface has endured, the quality of the services should be nothing short of excellent. Which is why you should call in an expert team, such Micron Refinishing, to handle the hard work and provide you with excellent industrial cleaning results.

Commercial Cleaning by Micron Refinishing

We cover a large array of industries and provide commercial cleaning services to businesses such as: commercial offices, industrial and manufacturing, retail, education and daycare, restaurants, gyms, car dealerships, religious facilities, apartment buildings, theatres, medical offices, veterinarian offices, etc.

A fresh and clean appearance is inviting for customers and helps any business retain and increase its load of clients, regardless of its size or domain of activity. Enhance the value of your building through effective and efficient quality cleaning services provided by Micron Refinishing.

For the best residential and commercial cleaning services, contact us now.