Concrete Floor Refinishing

Concrete Floor RefinishingIf you are looking for a way to improve the look of your house and boost it market’s value, think about concrete floor refinishing. Upgrading your floors will save you money, conserve resources, eliminate disposal problems and give your house a modern and clean look.

Micron Refinishing is Toronto-based flooring company that provides full package of floor services, including everything that has to do with concrete floor refinishing. Our trained and licensed experts will examine your floors and give you an offer, consequently will suggest services that will satisfy all your needs. We service commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Concrete Floor Refinishing is a cost-efficient way to put your house into a shape:

Concrete Grinding: even out surface imperfections, renew the layers, and give your floor a second chance. Therefore, this is perfect for industrial and commercial companies where floors wear off extremely quickly.

Glue Removal: Before any flooring project, you need to get rid of excessive dirt and material. Choose glue removal service to renew your surface and get it ready for restoration and coating.

Concrete Resurfacing: is a cheaper alternative to a floor replacement. Seal cracks, level out abruptness, repair patches and more.

Concrete Restoration: your floor can be restored to its original state. This service is meant for those places where floor replacement is too expensive or sometimes even impossible.

Concrete Crack Repair: Sometimes there is no need to redo the whole floor. Concrete crack repair could be enough for minor damage, that requires attention.

We understand that every house, apartment, condo office, garage are a unique space that requires a personal approach. Our team of experts will examine your floors and offer you services that will match your requirements and budget.

For all your flooring needs, give us a call. We provide quality services, affordable prices, detailed consultation and free estimate.