Concrete Grinding

Are you considering or replacing your old floor? Just wait a second and think about the concrete grinding first. It is an alternative, cost-effective floor solution, that will satisfy your expectations. Many warehouse, garage and industrial property owners across Toronto and GTA have seen a true value in this service.

Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Replacing an old floor is an extensive work, which is hard to do in some buildings. Therefore, Micron Refinishing offers you to give us a call and learn all about advantages of concrete grinding before making a final decision.

  • Concrete Grinding TorontoConcrete grinding is a long-term solution. Grinded concrete floor possesses a higher durability, thus will wear off, stain or chip less even in high traffic areas
  • We will level out uneven surfaces and give your floor a new shiny look
  • Floor becomes more solid, as we add water based hardener
  • Surface becomes less slippery, which prevents falling accidents
  • This type of floor requires a low maintenance – simple occasional sweeping and mopping to remove debris from the surface
  • Floor resists dust and becomes easier to clean
  • Environmentally friendly and harmless for people, plants and items. Concrete grinding does not involve any hazardous compounds, which means plants, furniture and people can remain inside during the grinding process.
  • Variety of design and colour effects – choose a pattern than represents yours space the best way

Our skilled staff is fitted with high profile equipment to level out uneven surfaces and repair your concrete regardless of the size of the project.

We Offer

Micron Refinishing strives to provide all customers with the best service, therefore we guarantee fast and  high quality work.

  • Professional, quick and affordable concrete grinding services in Toronto and GTA
  • We will clean oil and dirt off your floor prior grinding in order to provide the best result
  • Dust control during the project. Our experts are well-trained and will keep the rest of your house out of the pollution area. After we finish our work, we will leave your site clean.
  • Wet and dry grinding option depending on client’s preferences
  • We offer variety of final gloss options – satin, semi-gloss or glossy finish.

Concrete Grinding Floors Appliance

Concrete Grinding GTAOur concrete grinding services in Toronto and GTA will suit best for commercial and industrial properties, as well as residential open spaces, like a garage. Concrete grinding is mostly used in:

  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Hospital Floors
  • Mall Floors
  • Manufacturing space floors
  • Office building Floors
  • Conference Room Floors
  • University Floors

If you are looking for responsible company that offers quality concrete grinding in Toronto and GTA for reasonable price, then look no more. Call Micron Refinishing today for estimate and consultation.