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Epoxy flooring

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Do you need to restore an old floor? Are you weighing out different options for the most suitable flooring?

We present to you epoxy flooring. It is a universal solution for any type of floor because it can be applied to restore your previous surface, or it can be used as a new floor entirely.

Epoxy flooring provides an additional defense layer to your original surface, making it stronger, more durable and less sensitive to chemicals. Besides, it will protect your floor from dirt, debris, oil, scratching and premature wear. Protecting your floor is crucial in order to increase its longevity.

Epoxy floor coating is customizable and offers a variety of applications, which makes it perfect for any premises -as industrial, as well as commercial and residential. Epoxy coating will make the surface less slippery, therefore it reduces the risk of falling and damage. Due to epoxy flooring diversity, it becomes more and more popular among industrial facilities, factories, food processing plants, warehouses, high traffic retail environments, automotive shops, and garages.

From now consider your floor as a design element! Micron Refinishing offers a variety of unique application designs and various colors suited for every taste. Besides, such a coating is very easy to maintain – simple, occasional mopping will keep your surface clean.

Micron Refinishing service across all Greater Toronto Area and surroundings. We serve houses and commercial properties in North York townships, Missisauga area, Barrie, Ajax area and beyond

Epoxy Flooring Toronto

Commercial property floor epoxy coating

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

With no doubt, epoxy coating is a great solution to keep your floors in a good condition, as well as minimize your maintenance time and fees. Among undeniable epoxy flooring advantages:

  • Long-lasting coating, which will protect your floors and minimize deterioration
  • A coating that is resistant to dirt, debris, and chemicals. Perfect for premises with high health standards.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Quick and affordable installation


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