Floor Coating

Floor CoatingProtect and enhance your floors with Micron Refinishing’s floor coating services. Adding an additional coating to your floor, regardless of its original service, will help you to avoid extra expenses on cleaning, repairs, and replacement. In addition, a floor coating can look great, adding a nice glossy texture that was not present originally.

Floor Coating is an additional layer of your floor that makes the surface stronger, more dirt resistant, and slip-proof. This type of service will perfectly suit for places with heavy industrial traffic, excessive moisture, and exposed temperatures.

Micron Refinishing offers a variety of floor coating services across Toronto and GTA.

Epoxy Coating: A universal solution for all types of flooring. Epoxy Coating exists as an additional defense-layer that will protect your floors from chemicals, dirt, and premature wear. Besides, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to correspond with the style of your property.

Garage Floors: Garage Floors are highly exposed to damage from vehicles and are often under-treated. Remake your garage into something remarkable with a floor coating! Micron Refinishing offers everything from a simple coating to decorative garage flooring.

Decorative Floors: Let your imagination run wild with a decorative floor installed by Micron Refinishing. Make your basement floor a Snake and Ladders games, your bathroom floor into an ocean, your living room into a forest. Make your floor an outstanding gimmick — whatever floats your boat!

Micron Refinishing is serving commercial, industrial and residential buildings. We offer quality service, affordable prices, a personal approach, and free estimates for every project. Just contact us and our professional staff will get the job done in no time. Our services are fast, and we make sure the jobs gets done flawlesslyContact our flooring experts today to find out more or to make an appointment.