Floor Stripping, Waxing and Buffing

floor stripping and waxingIf the floors in your home, commercial or industrial building constantly appears to be dirty or have a bleak reflection, you can get Toronto’s best floor stripping and waxing (wax polish) services from Micron Refinishing, an experienced and efficient cleaning company.

How Does it Work?

Floor stripping and waxing is suitable for any type of hard surface floor. Even though they can be exceptionally enduring, hard surface floors require constant maintenance to protect their durability and shine. By applying specialized floor cleaning methods, they can be made to look like brand new.

Every waxed floor should be buffed every two or three months, so they can maintain that slickness. When choosing a cleaning contractor for the floor stripping and waxing process, make sure they come prepared with all the necessary equipment and supplies, as well as employ technicians that know what they’re doing. Our professional technicians provide the services you require to strip and refinish your VCT / LINOLEUM floor to a LIKE-NEW look to your flooring, either for commercial or residential areas.

stripping and waxing TorontoFirst Step of Floor Buffing and Waxing

The first step is to sweep, vacuum and mop all of the targeted floors. After that, an appropriate floor finish stripper is applied, left to act for a few minutes, then use an electric floor scrubber to remove it and any other residue. When the scrubbing part is done, the floor will be rinsed with clean water and left to dry.

Second Step of Floor Buffing and Waxing

The next part is to apply wax, a protective sealant made of natural substances on the newly stripped floor. This will be done in multiple layers and with the help of a special mop to spread the wax all over the floor, allowing some time for each layer to dry. Once the top layer has dried off, an electrical floor burnisher is used to buff the floor and give it a glossy look.

When using superior floor stripping and waxing (wax polish) services of Micron Refinishing, your expectations are bound to be exceeded in terms of appearance and cleanliness. For more information on our customized floor cleaning and finish services, please request a free estimate to one of our service representatives, call us today.