Garage Floors Refinishing Service in the Toronto Area

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Garage floor refinishing Toronto Area household

Tired of your garage floor look? Have stains and damages from salt? Is it becoming harder and harder to clean?

Well we have a solution for you! To make you garage floor look better as well as more practical, we recommend that you install an additional coating. For example, Epoxy flooring, which is provided by Micron Refinishing, can be used on any concrete surface; and yes that includes your garage floor! Epoxy Flooring improves the outer appearance of your floor, makes it stronger and more durable, and decreases the chances of injury thanks to an anti-slip coating. Due to the dust repellent layer, your floor will become much easier to clean.

An average Micron Refinishing garage floor project takes 2-3 days. And voilà! You have a brand new floor after that!

If you are looking to make a bold decision and want to transform your garage into a brand new man-cave, we offer a variety of decorative flooring options, which will place emphasis on your garages character.

We quote each garage separately as every floor requires different techniques to refinish.

Our products are highly durable, they are salt and chemical resistant.

garage floor restoration

Garage Floor Restoration

Garage Floors Services

Micron Refinishing offers custom garage floor refinishing service for Toronto & GTA residents and businesses:

  • We apply the colour of your choice, as well as flakes and stones
    broadcast available (requires additional clear coat).
  • We add decorative elements on the floor – logo’s, emblems, etc

Usual problem with unfinished garage floors is not just that they look shabby, but that they are often unsafe. In addition, bare concrete floors collect and absorb particles and get stained. Sometimes they absorb odours, which makes the entire garage unpleasant to be in.

Our garage floor refinishing service is perfect for home and business owners who wish to have a gleaming, easy to clean yet not overpriced garage floor. Once we’re done – which will only take a couple of days – you will have a stain free, squeaky clean, non-slippery garage floor that will last for a very long time.

The Method – Epoxy Polymer Garage Floor Refinishing

garage floor epoxy

Commercial Garage Floor Epoxy Refinishing

We use a special technology for garage refinishing projects, and the finish you end up getting is epoxy. Epoxy is a polymer substance that combines visual and physical qualities which make it perfect to use as flooring.

You can say it is an ideal mix between marble and PVC, with the best of both worlds. Like stone, it is hard and won’t take dents or scratches easily. Like PVC or linoleum, it is water resistant, non-porous and non-slippery. It is perfectly sealed and will not absorb any liquids which would get it stained.

Partial Garage Floor Refinishing

If your garage floor is finished and only needs a “facelift”, we can do this too. The beauty with epoxy finishing is that it can be applied on top of surfaces without the need to level them too perfectly. This means holes or scratches can be filled with ideal ease.

There’s no need to scrub the entire garage surface down to make a new finish. We only remove what is necessary, where the damage is and a bit around it, and it’s ready to be refinished.

Perks and Finishing Touches

Our epoxy surface is liquid when it is poured onto the floor, which makes it absolutely unique in terms of design. You can choose a plain gray surface, but you can also get a variety of colours, patterns, micro tiles and even logo images to be added into or underneath the clear epoxy to make the place look amazing and unique.

This last option is popular in dealership showrooms and personal home spaces where you wish to feel at home even when you are in the garage.

Feel free to inquire about our prices and available options, and we will be happy to give you a clear, free estimate. Our team service across the Greater Toronto area and surrounding cities, reaching towns like Barrie, MIssisauga, Ajax and beyond. Looking forward to working with you!

Call our Garage Floors experts today to get a free estimate and consultation. Satisfaction guaranteed.